Hearing Aid Urgent Care is available for anyone that needs a hearing aid repaired or replaced.

Rental Hearing Aid Available 

​We help find the best options for your repair and purchases. 

Maintenance and Performance Package

Office Visit


Wax Guards

Mic covers

Ear Domes


In-house Clean & Check

Patch Shells

In Office Repair (Aid Stays closed)

Complete Care Treatment Package

Office Visit (6 visits)
Batteries (count based on Battery Ma)
Wax Guards 
Mic covers ( 4 covers per year)
Ear Domes (4x/year)
Retubing (4x/year)
In-house Clean & Check (4x/year)

Patch Shells

Cerumen (wax removal) (4x/year)

In Office Repair - Open Aid (12 months)

Out of Office Repair (12 months)

Annual Hearing Re-test

Reprogramming Hearing Aids (4 adjustments)

ANSI Verification (after each in office cleaning)

Firmware Updates (If applies to product)

Factory Repairs (25% if Need replate or Recase)

Call For Details     919-217-6009 Knightdale NC   252-442-3335 Rocky Mount NC

Remake Aid(s) Package for most hearing aid(s)

(Cost may vary on Manufacturer)

12 month Warranty on remakes. 

Remake hearing aid(s) will require and ear impression