Complete Care Treatment Package

Office Visit (6 visits)
Batteries (count based on Battery Ma)
Wax Guards 
Mic covers ( 4 covers per year)
Ear Domes (4x/year)
Retubing (4x/year)
In-house Clean & Check (4x/year)

Patch Shells

Cerumen (wax removal) (4x/year)

In Office Repair - Open Aid (12 months)

Out of Office Repair (12 months)

Annual Hearing Re-test

Reprogramming Hearing Aids (4 adjustments)

ANSI Verification (after each in office cleaning)

Firmware Updates (If applies to product)

Factory Repairs (25% if Need replate or Recase)

Hearing Aid Urgent Care is available for anyone that needs a hearing aid repaired or replaced.

Rental Hearing Aid Available 

​We help find the best options for your repair and purchases. 

Call For Details     919-217-6009 Knightdale NC   252-442-3335 Rocky Mount NC

Remake Aid(s) Package for most hearing aid(s)

(Cost may vary on Manufacturer)

12 month Warranty on remakes. 

Remake hearing aid(s) will require and ear impression

Maintenance and Performance Package

Call with Manufacturer/Model details for Cost

Office Visit


Wax Guards

Mic covers

Ear Domes


In-house Clean & Check

Patch Shells

In Office Repair (Aid Stays closed)